The new Social Hair Salon, Source: KYDA on Facebook

Athens opens modern salon offering free haircuts to those in need

Athens opens modern salon offering free haircuts to those in need

It seeks to help homeless citizens and individuals who cannot afford such services

In recent years, the Greek capital has launched numerous initiatives and projects to help make the lives of homeless citizens a little easier. Taking a case in point, it opened a multipurpose homeless centre offering accommodation, food, washing machines, showers, and internet in 2020. Since then, it has adopted the ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’ and launched a programme to help people without homes enter the labour market.

Now, it has unveiled yet another project that will facilitate and improve the lives of homeless citizens. More specifically, the Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens (K.Y.D.A) opened a “Social Hair Salon” on 9 November.

Free haircuts

Founded with the sponsorship of L’Oreal Hellas and Anastasios Stavropoulos (ANBER Barber Shop), the hair salon works exclusively with experienced professionals who volunteer to offer free hair cutting services to those in need. The salon’s clientele will therefore include not only homeless citizens but also those who live under difficult conditions and cannot otherwise afford such services.

The inauguration of the salon took place in the presence of the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis, President of K.Y.D.A Melina Daskalaki, and General Manager of the professional products department of L'Oréal Hellas Maria Corali. At this event, volunteer hairdressers offered their services and helped boost the self-confidence of multiple citizens. Praising their work, Mayor Bakoyannis shared:

“These are young people who could go on with their lives without looking twice, but they choose to dedicate time and valuable energy to their fellow citizens, sending a message that “Together, we can do it”. The Social Hair Salon is a complementary “step” in the process of social reintegration, and we are proud of this initiative.”

The new salon is located at the Citizens’ Mutual Aid Centre opposite Larissa Station. To view photographs of its inauguration, see the gallery above.



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