Design plan for Athens' new Theatre Square, Source: Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

Athens revitalises historic Theatre Square with 1.9-million-euro project

Athens revitalises historic Theatre Square with 1.9-million-euro project

The new design will merge the past and the present

On 22 June, the City of Athens announced that it will begin the radical renovation of the emblematic and historic Theatre Square. This 1.9-million-euro urban redevelopment project was meant to take place nearly a decade ago; however, the ten-year economic crisis and the outbreak of COVID made it impossible. Now, this long-awaited renovation can finally commence.

The municipality envisions a safe, accessible, and unique area

In a press release, the municipality reported that the Theatre Square project is the result of an architectural competition launched by the City of Athens. With the urban redevelopment, the capital seeks to ensure the aesthetic and environmental upgrade of the area. More importantly, it wants to guarantee accessibility and security for all residents and passers-by.

Taking this further, Athens envisions a square that connects the present with the past. In other words, the new design must reflect contemporary times whilst simultaneously capturing and preserving the historical aspects of the square.

Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis commented on the municipality’s vision as he explained that the new Theatre Square must act as a peaceful garden in the densely populated centre of the Greek capital.

What will the renovated square feature?

As previously mentioned, the new design will combine the past and the present, reminding citizens of the capital’s rich history. Architects Konstantina (Valentini) Karvountzi and Matthaios Papavassiliou commented on this, explaining that the revitalised square will highlight the city’s identity.

The renovated area will feature trees and plants that are endemic in the region. As such, a large olive tree will be planted centrally, and a water canal will also be created. According to the municipality, these developments will allude to the Athenian mythology which consolidates the relationship between the city and the “countryside”. In addition to this, a metal sculpture will be erected in the place where the medieval Wall of Haseki is reportedly located underground.

The design plans for the Theatre Square can be viewed in the gallery above.

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