Athens’s Great Walk pilot project extended by three months

Athens’s Great Walk pilot project extended by three months

Authorities are also looking at ways to solve traffic issues and congestions in the city

Over the last few months, the Greek capital of Athens has been completely transformed in an effort to create more pedestrian spaces, to allow for better social distancing and to limit traffic, safeguarding the environment.

That has mainly been accomplished not only by outright traffic bans across the city but also by the launch of a historic redevelopment project – the Athens Great Walk which has created a giant pedestrian-only space connecting all the most important and sought-after locations in Greece’s capital.

Promoting what works and fixing what doesn’t

The success of the project – and the need for it created by the coronavirus pandemic, has led to the extension of its pilot phase. Local authorities in the city have announced that Athens’s Great Walk trial will be extended for another three months.

The extension is also accompanied by a number of changes that are meant to make it more accessible, including the set-up of new signage, the deployment of additional police officers who will ensure that pedestrian and cycling spaces are not taken over by vehicles and finally, the creation of additional parking lots in order to support those who prefer to walk instead of driving.

The introduction of so many pedestrianized spaces has led to more congestions and to additional pressure on public transport. A number of other changes are also envisioned in the city that are meant to make traffic flow easier to manage.

Among them are changes to how staff at Athens’s public transport companies will be allowed to take their vacation times with workers being allowed to take only 20% of paid leave during August. Furthermore, the carriers have also adopted new schedules that speed up transit around the city and increase the frequency of arrival of buses and trams.



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