Street work team member helping a homeless person, Source: Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis Facebook

Athens takes another step towards eliminating homelessness

Athens takes another step towards eliminating homelessness

In addition to providing housing for the homeless, the Greek capital has now adopted a bill ensuring the recognition of their fundamental rights

In Athens, the homeless are not dismissed, ignored, or punished. Instead, they are cared for and given the rights they deserve. The Greek capital is making invaluable strides to better the lives of those who do not have shelter as it is currently working to not only reduce but completely eliminate homelessness.

Homeless centre and street work

In April 2020, the municipality of Athens announced the launch of a multipurpose homeless centre. This establishment was built to house up to 400 people and give them the protection they deserve.

In addition to providing shelter and food, this centre is also equipped with private showers, washing machines, internet, and television. Furthermore, it is staffed with doctors, social workers, and mental health professionals who can help anyone who is in need.

Those who continue to live on the streets of Athens receive help from ‘Street Work’ teams who tend to the needs of the homeless. Alongside offering their help, these teams also try to persuade them to move into the centre.

Adopting the ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’

Now, the Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis revealed that the city has taken one more step towards eliminating homelessness. On his Facebook page, Mr Bakoyannis noted that the Greek capital has adopted the Homeless Bill of Rights.

Essentially, the adoption of this bill means the recognition of the fundamental rights of all people to housing, employment, education, and health. By adopting this charter, Athens agrees to ensure that the homeless have a right to equal treatment, housing, basic sanitary facilities, emergency services, privacy, etc.

The adoption of this bill proves the capital’s unparalleled dedication and commitment to eradicating homelessness. Moreover, it ensures that all the citizens of Athens are treated equally, without discrimination and injustice.

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