The Japanese Garden will be a green oasis in the busy capital, Source: Kostas Bakoyannis on Facebook

Athens unveils its first Japanese Garden

Athens unveils its first Japanese Garden

It will provide citizens with peace and tranquility

On Wednesday 10 November, the Greek City of Athens acquired its first “thematic garden”. That is, it transformed the 3,500-square-metre Niridon Park in Pangrati into the capital’s first Japanese garden.

To appeal to the theme, the city has planted plants that are native to both Japan and the Mediterranean region. Therefore, one can find Japanese maples, cherry blossoms and bamboo alongside myrtle, laurel, and other endemic flora.

A peaceful place in a busy capital

In recent years, the City of Athens has searched for ways to bring more greenery to its urban landscape. Subsequently, it has developed and opened numerous pocket parks that allow people to access nature whilst living in a large capital city. The idea behind the Japanese garden is similar, as it too will offer peace, quiet, isolation, and serenity.

Expanding on this idea, the municipality revealed that it sought inspiration for the garden from the innovative biophilic design concept which is based on our need to be in contact with nature in our modern environment. The Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis commented on the new garden in a press release, noting:

"By creating this standard Japanese Garden in Pangrati, we send the message that Athens has developed into a dynamic metropolis that “looks” ahead. The newly upgraded park of the city, covering an area of ​​3,500 square metres, creates a green "oasis" in the dense area and radically changes its appearance.

We invite all citizens to visit the garden, to walk in its paths, and to discover the feeling of peace that this special place offers. The big projects for the city are ahead. Athens will continue to become greener, more beautiful and functional for its inhabitants.”

To view photographs of the new Japanese garden and its inauguration, see the gallery above.



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