With its wide boulevards, Bacau is still very much a car centric city and local authorities are trying to change that , Source: City of Bacau on Facebook

Bacau will pour 23 million euros into a smart public transport system and cycling lanes

Bacau will pour 23 million euros into a smart public transport system and cycling lanes

The Romanian city wants to invest in the future in order to get residents to ditch their cars

Yesterday, the mayor of Bacau in Romania, Lucian Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu, announced the city’s new push to revamp the public transport system. The project consists of two sections, one focusing on cycling infrastructure and the other – on the public transport system as a whole.

The initiative will cost around 23 million euros and as Mayor Stanciu-Viziteu put it, it would be an investment into Bacau’s mobility of the future.

Leaving the car in the 20th century

According to Mayor Stanciu-Viziteu, the city will invest over 7 million euros into two cycling lanes that will span the heart of the city, with one stretching all the way to the airport. The project is financed through European funds and it should help to convince locals that cycling is a viable option in the city.

On the other hand, authorities will also invest in a smart traffic management system and non-motorised traffic corridors. The project on smart traffic management will cost around 16 million euros and will consist of three main components: the restoration of infrastructure at intersections, fibre optics for a surveillance system based at the Business Centre and the construction of sidewalks.

Lucian Daniel Stanciu-Viziteu explained that the transport corridors and the modernised public transport system should all contribute to persuading citizens to give up their cars, in favour of alternative means of transport.

He also pointed out that a modern city’s mobility transition should always focus on alternatives to the personal car. The future of travel and commuting in Bacau, Mayor Stanciu-Viziteu explained,  consists of public transport, bicycles, scooters and electric cars.

He continued: “This is even more true as we see fuel prices rise daily. These are arguments enough to give up the personal car for at least a day or a week, in favour of alternative means of travel.”



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