Scooter riders who park their devices in a inconsiderate way will get a swift notification, Source: Dott

Bad e-scooter riders in Rome and Milan will have to do a driving course

Bad e-scooter riders in Rome and Milan will have to do a driving course

This is the first time that type of concept will be tried out in Europe

Starting today, 26 July, a new pilot project is kicking off in the Italian cities of Rome and Milan, and it concerns lessening the incidents involving the incorrect parking of e-scooters. The sharing mobility operator Dott and the Consumerismo No Profit association have joined forces to implement the initiative by developing a warning system on the operator's app.

More specifically, users who disrespect the traffic regulations concerning the parking of the micromobility devices will receive warnings on their phones. The idea of the warnings, however, is not to punish but to educate and shape responsible riding behaviour.

Tackling the problem of improper parking digitally

As of today, users of the Dott sharing scooter service in Rome and Milan who park outside the permitted areas or in an incorrect way in violation of the Highway Code will receive an "alert" directly on their smartphone, via Push notification through the operator's app. 

In case of repetition of the incorrect behaviour, the second time they will suffer a penalty from the operator. The penalty, however, will be combined with a guide to parking and compliance with the rules.

In the event of a third violation, they will be incentivized to attend a compulsory and free driving course organized in the autumn of 2022. Conversely, the customer's account will be suspended with the consequent impossibility of using the sharing services.

"Promoting a correct use of shared mobility is our main objective, and we are proud to be the first to share this project in Europe, which will start in Rome and Milan," explained the president of Consumerismo No Profit, Luigi Gabriele, as quoted by MiTomorrow.

If the project is deemed successful in its goals, it will be expanded to other Italian cities as well.



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