Investing in two industrial parks and a technology park in Baia Mare, Source: Baia Mare Municipality on Facebook

Baia Mare takes a step further in support of economic development

Baia Mare takes a step further in support of economic development

50 million euros investment for the construction of two industrial parks and a technology park

The Romanian city of Baia Mare announced this week an investment of 50 million euros, financed from European funds and from its own resources, for the construction of a technology park. Additionally, the city wants to invest in two industrial parks, which will also include companies that now operate in these areas.

The first project - West Industrial Park, is the new industrial area, where there are two important companies, Aramis and Italsofa. The two businesses have almost 10,000 employees and this project is intended to extend to Maramureș Airport, which is also in the City Hall plans.

The second industrial park is designed on the old Phoenix-Cuprom industrial area of ​​the city, which is also the area of ​​the construction companies from the Communist period that operate locally.

With European funds and support from the city, the investments will be possible

The technological park will be expanded on approximately 5 hectares of territory and will be built with European funds, in the financing period of 2021-2027. The project is planned to be carried out together with the Technical University of Cluj, and with relevant economic operators.

It is an investment of 50 million euros, of which, the city’s contribution is substantial - approximately 20 million euros. The introduction of these projects in public debate is important so that citizens understand exactly which areas they are focusing on.

Cătălin Cherecheș, Mayor of Baia Mare commented on the new projects: “We are primarily interested in the respect, protection and facilities we can give to those who, until today, has been the backbone of the economy of Baia Mare and Maramureș County because Baia Mare represents 80 percent of the economy of Maramureș County. My priority is the companies that operate in Baia Mare today. I want them to grow too.”



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