Welcome boxes, Source: Gobierno de Islas Baleares

Balearic teachers can request ‘welcome boxes’ to better attend new students

Balearic teachers can request ‘welcome boxes’ to better attend new students

These are public property and work on the principle of library loans

Last week, the Education Ministry of the Balearic Islands announced the availability of a new service aimed at schools and teachers in the region. These are the so-called ‘welcome boxes’, which will serve to facilitate the arrival of new students to the school and help them adapt and see the educational premises not only as a place of learning and obligation but also as one that is fun to be in.

The boxes will be available on all of the four islands of the archipelago

The new initiative is aimed at public-funded schools, although it was not specified what was meant exactly by the terminology of ‘new students’ – it likely refers to first graders who are new to the idea of school and classrooms in general. In either case, the idea is to provide teachers with materials and ideas in order to engage their students better and to accommodate them in their school surroundings.

Each box contains illustrated books, picture albums, slides and board games, such as Scrabble or Catan, which invite interaction and bonding, apart from the benefit of learning.

The Balearic Educational Ministry informed that the boxes will be available for loan requests by teachers or the people responsible for the Linguistic and Cultural Reception Plan of the territory. The boxes will be kept at the following location on each of the four islands:

  • Mallorca, at the Educational Innovation and Distribution Center of the Educational Innovation Service (c. Gregorio Marañón 3, Palma).
  • Menorca, in the Territorial Delegation of Education (av. Josep Maria Quadrado 33, Maó).
  • Ibiza, at the Territorial Delegation of Education of Ibiza and Formentera (via Púnica 23, Ibiza).
  • Formentera, in the CEP of Formentera (av. Porto-salè 87, Sant Francesc).

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