The new waste containers, Source: Banská Bystrica

Banská Bystrica to install 171 semi-underground waste containers

Banská Bystrica to install 171 semi-underground waste containers

One such container has the collection capacity of 6 conventional bins

On 9 May, the Slovak City of Banská Bystrica announced its plans to install a total of 171 semi-underground waste containers in selected urban areas. The new containers will replace the current bins, which frequently emit unpleasant odours, attract rodents, and put the health of residents at risk.

Although conventional waste bins appear large and take up a lot of space, they do not have the capacity to hold much waste. As such, one can often see them overflowing with garbage, cluttering and polluting the surrounding spaces.

In contrast, semi-underground waste containers occupy a much smaller area and have a surprisingly large collection capacity. Expanding on this, the City of Banská Bystrica revealed that one semi-underground bin has the collection capacity of six conventional waste containers. In other words, the installation of semi-underground bins will not only make the city cleaner and more attractive but also create more space for residents.

Equipped with sensors

The Mayor of Banská Bystrica Ján Nosko commented on the bins in a press release, disclosing that they will also be equipped with smart sensors that facilitate their collection and help contribute to cleaner air:

“Waste collection efficiency will be increased because the containers have a larger capacity and are equipped with filling sensors. This is associated with lower traffic and emissions as well as financial savings. I believe that we will be able to implement the pilot project, the residents will be satisfied and will get used to the new location of the containers. At the same time, I hope that we will be able to continue preparing projects and building in other parts of the city where possible.”

Banská Bystrica has published a map showing where the new semi-underground waste containers will be installed. 



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