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Banska Bystrica unveils its latest community-driven projects

Banska Bystrica unveils its latest community-driven projects

They will be financed through the city’s participatory budget

This year, all Banská Bystrica residents, as well as students attending schools in the city, were able to participate in the participatory budget and thus support the good ideas and efforts of the applicants. The votes for the projects were counted and the amount of 40,000 euros, which has been set aside for this purpose in the city budget, will be divided among the four most successful projects.

Everyone contributing to building a better city

Despite the unfavourable economic situation, which people and local governments had to deal with during 2020, the preparatory phase for new projects took place as planned. Thirteen proposals for the environment, mobility and sport and the improvement of community life were put to the vote. This year, 376 residents or students came to support their favourites, jointly casting some 916 votes.

The highest number of votes (162 votes) was won by a project called Urpín Serpentines II. - flower coat of arms of Banská Bystrica, restoration of railings and sidewalks. Its aim is to restore the line to a locality visited by city residents and tourists.

The project Better Parkour and Workout as a Mobile Phone in Hand (120 votes) also received enough support to be enacted. It features the creation of a combined workout and parkour exercise element next to the playground in the Severná housing estate. The playground will become more attractive, and at the same time, there will be space for sports activities for older children.

The third supported project has a more sensitive undertone. Its name is Pietne and is a burial place for unborn children (111 votes). Thanks to the voters, this will create a space to help parents who have suddenly lost their expected child. The aim is also to help alleviate the painful situation.

The fourth project, which will be realized thanks to the voters is called Centrum Radvaň - the gateway to new meetings (83 votes). The project is focused on the renewal and modernization of the space, which will be used for the activities and meetings of the civic association, city council committee or civic council, and is therefore intended for all residents of Radvan.

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