The new sustainable grills are gaining popularity throughout France and Switzerland, Source: Cooxy

Barbecue season in France heats up with new sustainable grills

Barbecue season in France heats up with new sustainable grills

You can fire them up from your phone, no Internet connection needed

Summer is barbecue season and time for convivial joy out in the park. And this summer, there is a new twist to the idea of barbecuing thanks to innovative new grills, called COOXY, which require no wood or charcoal and can be lit and controlled from a smartphone app.

The new grills are growing popular in France, as public authorities and other venues (such as campsites beaches and stadiums) are installing them for the benefit of residents.

No risk of forest fires

With the increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves in Europe, the wildfires have turned into a threat that requires more and more attention and resources. Many of these have begun by accident due to unregulated cooking fires at campsites.

This is where the COOXY grills come as a way to proactively prevent such eventualities from occurring. The barbecue, which is essentially an electric cooking hot plate, is sturdy thanks to its funnel-shaped design, but best of all, it requires no combustible fuels.

The grills are accessible, free of charge, in more than 100 locations in France. The only way to fire them up and control their temperature is through a dedicated mobile app. What’s more, the users don’t even need to have an Internet connection, which is good news because the coverage in some locations, such as parks and beaches, can be spotty.

All it takes is pressing a button to turn it on and select what you plan to cook on it (meat, vegetable or fish). Depending on the food, the grill will adapt the temperature of the stainless steel plate.

If you’re travelling in France, the ‘connected barbecues’ as the cooking devices are also known there, provide an easy option to cook a healthy meal without incurring costs and without threatening the natural environment.



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