Need a clinic nearby in Barcelona? Turn to the municipal digital map, Source: Unsplash

Barcelona has a digital map of its health and care centres

Barcelona has a digital map of its health and care centres

Search for health, search for well-being - in any sense and category of these terms

The Health Department of Barcelona has added a digital map that groups together all the health and well-being facilities, services and resources available in the city. With Cerca Salut Barcelona (Search Health Barcelona) residents can visualize how these services are spread out and realize that necessary help is never too far away.

The tool is quite comprehensive and convenient as it allows searches by keywords, themes or territories. In addition, it incorporates a simultaneous translation function to facilitate access to the content of the platform in any language.

In addition, it incorporates activities and resources from organizations that are complementary to the ordinary and individual or group care activities of the health system, social services, and education. All these assets are non-profit, such as the workshops that are held in municipal civic centres, centres for the elderly, associations and entities.

Mapping the urban care landscape

Currently, a total of 325 different organizations are registered on the digital map, which can update the published assets to offer a live and constantly evolving tool with updated and useful information for citizens.

What’s quite telling perhaps is that 20% of the queries made last autumn on the map were related to loneliness and social isolation, showing a pattern and an overview of the kind of help that citizens may feel the need to access.

In that sense, the map is intended both for citizens who want to make inquiries in this regard, as well as for professionals from different fields interested in informing and advising users.

Access to these resources can be direct or through the prescription or referral of professionals from the health, social or community system. 



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