ZiGGY is a mobile robotic EV charging station, Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona is testing a mobile EV charging station

Barcelona is testing a mobile EV charging station

The tests are also experimenting with a charging point that is easier to maintain

Southern Europe’s largest public electromobility network, Endolla Barcelona, is currently testing two new tech solutions which could revolutionise and boost the use of electric vehicles in the city. One of them is a mobile robot charging point designed to service parking lots, while the other is an EV charging station that has been designed to be cheap to make and maintain.

The two prototypes were developed as part of a call made by the Barcelona City Council two years ago through the InnovAcció 2030 program to face some of the challenges of the expansion of electromobility in the city.

The entire testing phase of the two solutions comes at a cost of 160,000 euros. They are tested at the BSM Plaça Navas car park, in the Poble-sec neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Barcelona aims to be a pioneer in electromobility

The mobile charging point is called ZiGGY and represents a robot on wheels that can move about, and service vehicles stationed at a parking lot. This could allow flexible use and better optimization of the parking space terrain.

ZiGGY was developed by EV Safe Charge, a Californian start-up that offers solutions for fast vehicle charging.

The other prototype was developed locally by teknoCEA, a Catalan spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) that offers solutions in the field of electrical energy. Its strength also lies in its design in the sense that it can be produced cheaply and can also be maintained easily.

These benefits would encourage the faster expansion of the EV charging network in the city and in turn it would stimulate drivers to turn to buying electric vehicles in larger numbers.

Endolla Barcelona is the largest public network of EV charging points for electric vehicles in Southern Europe. Currently, the service has 1,000 charging points installed throughout the Catalan capital, 3,300 active users and an average of 14,000 monthly charges.



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