The Bavarian state parliament is housed in the Maximilianeum, Source: Depositphotos

Bavarian Parliament to fine MPs up to 4,000 euros for salty language

Bavarian Parliament to fine MPs up to 4,000 euros for salty language

Such administrative penalties are also applied in other regional legislatures plus the Bundestag

The state parliament of Bavaria has decided to implement a new rule with the aim of bringing back a more civil tone in the political debates on the floor of the legislature – MPs using offensive words will pay fines.

All of the political parties present in the Maximilianeum (as the state parliament is also known) have supported the motion of the parliament’s president Ilse Aigner, except the far-right AfD. In fact, it’s since the populist party’s entry into the institution in 2018 that the overall tone of the debates has worsened considerably, according to BR24.

Putting a price on civil behaviour

That media outlet has also managed to get information on the size of the fine to be paid for using offensive language and promoting bullying and rude tone in the parliamentary hall. Depending on the severity of the word choice, amounts of up to 2,000 euros are being discussed; in the event of a repeat offence, it can be up to 4,000 euros.

And that’s not all. The misbehaving parliamentarian could be kicked out of the meeting and banished for up to ten sessions, which could translate to six months of forced leave.

The fines themselves will not be handed out and paid directly on the parliament floor. The parliament praesidium will decide calmly on each derailment and the possible consequences. The MP concerned will have the right to object.

The Bavarian Parliament is not the first German legislature to implement such penalties. The Bundestag, the nation’s federal parliament, introduced them in 2021, although they’re half as severe there – 1,000 euros for offence and 2,000 if there’s a repeated case. The state parliaments of North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg also impose fines for uncivil behaviour.



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