The newly installed beehives, Source: Dáme na vás

Bees to Brno project teaches citizens about pollinators

Bees to Brno project teaches citizens about pollinators

The Czech city will install beehives in urban areas and hold educational events to raise awareness

On 13 April, the Czech City of Brno officially launched the Včely do Brna (Bees to Brno) project. Financed by the municipality’s participatory budget Dáme na vás (We give to you), this project aims to teach citizens about the importance of bees.

As part of this project, the City of Brno will begin installing beehives in urban areas to house bees and remind citizens of their significance. In addition to this, it will help support beekeepers by financing the purchase of protective clothing and other equipment they require.

It is important to reiterate that the project is being implemented as part of Dáme na vás. In other words, the idea for Bees to Brno was proposed by a citizen, namely the designer Petra Ventrubová. Commenting on her proposal, Ventrubová explained:

“With this project, I would like to raise awareness of beekeeping and its importance for humans and the environment. Urban beehives can serve as a ‘test hive’ for someone who wants to start beekeeping and as a means of raising awareness in society about the value that bees bring.”

Raising awareness through education

The City of Brno will hold professional seminars, organise events for children, and publish promotional materials that educate citizens about bees as part of the project. Second Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný discussed this, sharing:

“I am glad that educational and environmentally beneficial projects like this are also implemented through the participatory budget Dáme na vás. The project will create several studies, acquire and install over ten beehives and almost forty houses for bees, buy materials for beekeepers, hold seminars, events for children and provide training panels and publications.”

The Bees to Brno project will teach people how pollinators improve our environment; that is, it will remind them that by pollinating plants, bees support their growth and allow them to serve as food or shelter for different organisms.

See the gallery above to view photographs from the project’s official launch. 



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