Cybrbrothel claims to have its finger on the pulse of sexwork trends, Source: Unsplash

Berlin boasts world's first AI brothel

Berlin boasts world's first AI brothel

It expands on the concept of doll brothel, which originated in Japan

The fact that AI, just like the Internet revolution before it, would feature heavily in the sexual sphere of human existence was perhaps expected by most people – and the evidence for that is already mounting. On that topic, meet Cybrbrothel – one of the most innovative business ventures in Berlin and self-described as the first AI brothel in the world.

As of this month, customers looking for innovative and unusual sexual services, more in the realm of sci-fi than anything else, can book a VRX session in order to explore their sexuality, fetishes and tastes. VRX refers to having sex with a lifelike doll while also integrating Virtual Reality and AI. The sexual act and communication with the doll is done by having the customer put on a 4D VR set.

The concept builds upon the doll brothels, which originated in Japan, but with the addition of modern technology in order to make the experience more interactive, and at least to some people – more lifelike.

AI doesn’t judge your sexuality

According to Matthias Smetana, co-founder of the Cybrbrothel, although it has been legalized in Germany, the traditional sex-work industry in the country is decreasing in terms of sex workers – down by 30% compared to pandemic numbers. A big part of this relates to a big part of the industry moving online into the virtual world – think webcams and OnlyFans, for example.

However, according to the entrepreneurs behind the AI brothel, there’s also an increasing interest in human-machine interaction, including sex.

“(Traditional) clients will be gone in the next 10 to 15 years,” Smetana said, quoted by Newsbreak. “So, I think right now the sex industry will move on more in the VR direction. Having sex in the digital world and the physical world at the same time.”

Cybrbrothel works like a traditional bordello where customers can choose whom to have sex with (though in this case, it’s a doll rather than a human) and book a furnished room in order to get privacy before getting hot and heavy.

The advantage of the new enterprise, however, according to its founders, is that privacy here goes even further since machines do not and cannot judge you. This could be helpful to people who have hangups about sex in general or about certain fetishes.

 “Many people feel more comfortable sharing private matters with a machine,” explained Philipp Fussengger, the other co-founder of Cybrbrothel, quoted by Euro Weekly News.

Others, however, are concerned by the blossoming of human-machine sex because it can lead to a reduction of human-to-human contact and the growth in altered perceptions of consent and unrealistic expectations of sexual intercourse and human relationships.



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