House of One, Source: Kuehn-Malvezzi

Berlin constructs a modern place of worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims

Berlin constructs a modern place of worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims

The House of One will include a synagogue, Protestant church, and mosque

In 2012, the Berlin-based firm Kuehn-Malvezzi designed a unique, one-of-a-kind place of worship for an international architecture competition. The agency’s idea behind its extraordinary project was to bring together people of various religions and promote interreligious peace. As such, Kuehn-Malvezzi designed “House of One” which will now be built in Berlin.

Three religions, one house

This new place of worship will bring Jews, Christians, and Muslims together under one roof. Taking this further, the building will house a synagogue, Protestant church, and mosque. In addition to this, there will be a large common hall for events and celebrations.

The construction of this sacred place was postponed following the outbreak of the pandemic. Now, it has officially begun after a rabbi, priest, and imam laid the foundation stone on Thursday 27 May. According to the House of One’s website, the place of worship will be built on the foundations of the former St. Peter’s Church which was damaged during World War II.

A 47-million-euro project

It is estimated that construction will take four years and cost up to 47 million euros. Financing for the building’s construction has mostly been secured as the German Bundestag and the state of Berlin have agreed to contribute towards its realisation. Beyond this, the House of One has received private donations and other contributions. Finally, a campaign has also been launched to raise and secure the remaining costs (approximately 8 million euros).

Due to the modern design of this sacred place, the House of One has been called a “contemporary expression of religious life”. It is hoped that Jews, Christians, and Muslims will see it as a sanctuary that offers peace and security.

The House of One further stresses that the centre of the building acts as a meeting space for all. Therefore, people of other religions and views have explicitly been invited and are included in the large common hall.

The design plans for this contemporary place of worship can be seen in the gallery above.



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