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Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt come 2021

Berlin Fashion Week moves to Frankfurt come 2021

The biannual event is set to transform Germany’s financial capital into one of fashion

In an unexpected turn of events, the organisers of the world-famous biannual Berlin Fashion Week have decided to take the event to a new venue – namely Germany’s financial capital of Frankfurt.

Ever since its establishment in 2007, the event has been a point of great pride for Berlin, transforming the city into Germany’s main hub for fashion and its related activities and industries. But now, the time has come for change.

From financial capital to fashion capital

Organisers of the now Frankfurt Fashion Week had the goal of shaking things up and making use of the city’s status as an international financial hub in order to increase not only the popularity of the event but also to boost its scope.

The opportunity, however, does not only go one way. It is also the perfect chance for Frankfurt’s authorities to get their hands on yet another lever to aid the city’s economic recovery in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

"This turns the economic metropolis of Frankfurt into the new hotspot of the fashion and lifestyle scene and the new international fashion metropolis. The realization of a Frankfurt Fashion Week offers the city of Frankfurt a unique and international economic opportunity. We anticipate  detour profitability of over 200 million euros per year for our hometown and the region,” emphasized Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann

“This will massively boost the hotel industry, gastronomy and transport. Frankfurt has always shaped the style of art, architecture, design and is known for its unique club, bar and restaurant scene. With the new Frankfurt Fashion Week, our appeal as an international fashion location is also increasing. We will carry the topic of fashion and design into the city and complement it with our own exciting events. I am proud that we were able to lure these three prominent trade fairs from Berlin to Frankfurt with over 2000 designers,” he continued in pointing out the advantages presented by the Fashion Week’s change of venues.



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