Citizens over the age of 60 will soon be invited for an additional round as well

Berlin invites people over 80 for a third round of Covid-vaccination

Berlin invites people over 80 for a third round of Covid-vaccination

Berlin Senator Dilek Kalayci sent a letter to over 200,000 citizens, asking them to make their way to vaccination centres

On Thursday, Berlin’s Senate Department for Health, Care and Equality sent out 200,000 letters signed by Senator Dilek Kalayci inviting senior citizens over the age of 80 to get a booster shot of the Covid-vaccine. The booster shot aims to strengthen vulnerable patients’ resistance to the virus six months after the initial inoculation and reduce the risk of a serious course of the disease.

A message to Berlin’s senior citizens

In the letter, the Senator informed citizens that they can receive booster COVID-19 vaccination from their general practitioner or in one of the Berlin Corona vaccination centres if their initial double-dose happened more than six months ago.

Berlin’s vaccination centres are Centre Messe Hammarskjöldplatz 5, Hall 21 and Centre Tegel Saatwinkler Damm, Terminal C. Patients can go without an appointment from 11:00 to 17:00, or with an appointment between 09:00 and 19:00.

Unfortunately, family, friends and relatives, cannot accompany people to the centre for social distancing and hygienic reasons. If the seniors need help, though, the on-site medical staff is more than capable of providing it. Furthermore, the city will cover any taxi costs.

Doctors are also eligible for a booster shot, while the elderly in assisted living facilities can get their third round on-site.

Citizens aged 60 and above will also soon be invited for their round of additional vaccination.

Senator Dilek Kalayci was quoted in a press release, saying: “We are implementing the resolutions of the Conference of Health Ministers, for those over 80 years of age whose full vaccination was more than six months ago. Only vaccination offers the best protection against COVID -19.

Therefore, my appeal is directed at everyone who can be vaccinated and has not yet done so: Please get vaccinated! It is about your protection and that of those around you. Use the free taxi rides."



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