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Berlin offers targeted support to make more businesses sustainable

Berlin offers targeted support to make more businesses sustainable

Around 75% of German CO2 emissions come from the private sector, yet less than 1% of businesses are considered fully sustainable

Yesterday, local authorities in Berlin announced a new pilot project to promote sustainable practices in business. The project would be a first for Germany and would be done through the Ort für Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften (Place for Sustainable Business).

The project aims to promote sustainable business examples from Berlin and offer advice on good practices to companies. The city plans to set up a central information portal, as well as info points in Berlin-Mitte at the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy and in the Impact Hub Berlin in Neukölln, two of city’s the partnering organisations.

The state's Senator for Economy, Stephan Schwarz, was quoted in a press statement explaining that the project will be funded to the tune of 1.8 million euros for two years. He also pointed out that providing the sector with practical examples of sustainable management would make the concept all the more tangible, showcasing different levels of success.

Very few local examples of sustainable business practices

According to the city, more than 75% of CO2 emissions in Germany come from the private sector. At the same time, the Council for Sustainable Development claims that less than 1% of companies operate in a holistic sustainable manner.  

Moreover, city officials claim that this shows an enormous opportunity for improvement, innovation and growth in the private sector, as long as public institutions are ready to offer their support.

The Vice President of the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Stefan Spieker, was quoted in a press statement explaining: "Hardly any city is better suited to bringing people with a spirit of innovation, impact orientation and sustainable business ideas together than Berlin. In order to make Berlin competitive as a location for sustainable business, business and politics, science and administration must now pull together.”



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