An anti-terrorist manual in a borderless Europe needs the alignment of all security forces

Berlin Police presents SafeCi – a counter-terrorist strategy for the EU

Berlin Police presents SafeCi – a counter-terrorist strategy for the EU

After two years of collaboration between security forces in the EU, a common strategic document is born

On Monday, 14 June 2021, after two years of development, the final conference of the European Security Project “SafeCi”, for the protection of public places, took place in Berlin, Germany. The new manual outlined specific methods of improving protection in public spaces against terrorist attacks.

The Berlin police are primarily responsible for the project’s development and operational guidelines. During this phase, there was an intense exchange of knowledge from across Europe, as many police departments contributed to the final result.

“SafeCi” will improve the way threats are handled in a borderless Europe

The different approaches to the problem were analysed from an international point of view and some of the measures included vehicle locks and defence drones.

“SafeCi” has summarised the results in a manual whose content is classified but will be available to all European security authorities from June 2021.

Some of the discussed highlights include:

  • The risk and hazard assessment of public places;
  • The structural protection of public spaces against terrorist attacks;
  • Event protection in public spaces;
  • The protection of critical infrastructure;
  • Innovative approaches to protecting public spaces;
  • Awareness-raising strategies for the protection of public spaces.

State Secretary for the Interior, Mr Torsten Akmann, was cited, in a press release on the Berlin Police Department's website, as saying: “In a borderless Europe, security must be thought together. Brussels, Nice, London, Barcelona, ​​Paris or Berlin - we all agree: Terror must not determine our lives and our attitude towards life.” 

All and all, this project combines expertise from across the union and it looks for a new way forward so that we can all live a safer life.

Police chief Dr Barbara Slowik summed up the project in the same press release: “The world is getting faster, more turbulent and confusing. This goes hand in hand with high demands on security authorities, especially concerning terrorist attacks. 

The aim of the project was therefore to convert the vulnerability exploited by terrorists into strength. “SafeCi” has brought together police forces, scientists and professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. The results of this are clear practical examples and realistic protection concepts. Also, a vital network and close contacts created through the project complement the manual and bring it to life.

This amalgamation of all forces is a clear commitment to our responsibility for the security and freedom of each and every individual."  

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