Berlin’s date-by-date easing of lockdown restrictions

Berlin’s date-by-date easing of lockdown restrictions

City authorities have unveiled a detailed step-by-step programme for coming out of quarantine

With Germany as a whole already steadily exiting its lockdowns, cities and regions have been granted some amount of autonomy in choosing their concrete steps and objectives in the process so as to better prepare and take into account any local intricacies and possible issues.

The country’s capital of Berlin, the local government began its easing of lockdown restrictions on 9 May and has presented a detailed roadmap of how things will proceed from that point onward.

A daily process of returning back to normal

On 9 May all restrictions on retail trade that accounted for the size of establishments were dropped – much like in the rest of the country. Social distancing measures are still in effect, however, but now, all shops are allowed to operate regardless of how big or large they are.

Furthermore, on 9 May, local authorities also eased some other social distancing measures. Since Saturday, people from separate households have been allowed to meet in public spaces, trumping the old bans, so long as they attempt to maintain a 1.5-metre distance between each other.

Further steps

Starting today, 11 May, self-care services are once again allowed to operate – including beauty salons and hairdressers. Music and art schools are also beginning to reopen in an effort to have all children return to school, at the very least on a part-time basis, by 29 May at the latest.

On 15 May restaurants and cafes will also be allowed to resume their business – regardless of whether they operate indoors or outdoors so long as they obey strict hygienic measures and adhere to social distancing measures. Bars, pubs and other similar establishment are excluded from the list of businesses that are allowed to reopen for the time being.

Sports clubs will also be allowed to operate once more on the 15th, provided their activities are carried out outdoors, in small groups and without physical contact. Gyms, however, remain closed.

Finally, on the 25th, hotels will also finally be allowed to welcome guests, again adhering to all the strictest rules and requirements stipulated by the local government. New rules for the operating of hotels will also be introduced that are meant to protect the health of guests and staff.

Second wave threat

The easing of lockdown restrictions across Germany has led to substantial fears that they might make a quick return should some local and regional governments decide to move too quickly with their dismantling. That is why federal authorities are urging citizens to remain vigilant and responsible and to do their best in maintaining social distance and staying at home when possible.



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