The new development is expected to increase acceptance and visibility for queer people in Germany's capital, Source: Manuel Sting / Unsplash

Berlin will build social housing for lesbian and queer women in the city centre

Berlin will build social housing for lesbian and queer women in the city centre

The development will offer 70 rental apartments at 6.90 euros per square metre

Today, Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte (WBM) announced a project for the construction of a social housing and retirement home for lesbian and queer tenants. The project was co-created with "Rad und Tat gGmbH" and will be located near Alexanderplatz.

WBM is a subsidiary of the larger WBM Group and is one of Berlin’s six state-owned construction companies. Additionally, it owns the largest proportion of rental apartments in Berlin – Mitte.

Another interesting point is that according to a press statement, the new building was designed through collaboration with future tenants and will also house a queer cultural centre.

Jutta Brambach, Managing Director of Rad und Tat gGmbH was quoted explaining that selecting such a central location would also help to normalise the existence of queer people and increase their visibility.

Social housing for the sexually diverse

According to WBM, the new building will be constructed on a highly coveted plot of land in Berlin’s city centre. It will have 70 apartments while residents will have to pay a reduced rate of 6.90 euros per square metre.

The apartments will be rented and are all designated to serve as affordable housing, while the building will also include five wheelchair-accessible units and five shared units that can accommodate up to eight women in need of care.

The new development will also be geared to accommodate retirees. The company has said that the idea is to provide lesbians and queer people with a safe and neighbourly environment in their old age.

Jutta Brambach was quoted in a press statement explaining that this is a pioneering project for Europe, combining social housing for lesbians with a queer cultural centre in the heart of the city. She also pointed out that it would set the standards for lesbian and queer visibility, plus it will let people experience how beneficial diversity can be.



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