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Better late than never: Valencia will soon have a green plan

Better late than never: Valencia will soon have a green plan

The first such policy was proposed back in 1994 but it had, unfortunately, been ignored

This week began on a good note in the city of Valencia as it was reported that the local city council has awarded the development of a Green and Biodiversity Plan to Territorio Aranea for the cost of 139 500 euros. This is expected to take 15 months to achieve and it will involve a multi-disciplinary 8-member team from the beneficiary working in conjunction with municipal experts and residents.

The objective of the proposed plan is to englobe all of the city’s green infrastructure policies, in essence starting a new era of development that has been quite delayed in the past quarter of a century but is expected to finally bring Valencia in line with other large European cities in terms of sustainable development and achieving the UN 2030 Agenda.

Citizen participation is a strong component in the preparation of the plan

Speaking on the occasion Sergi Campillo, the Councilor for Urban Ecology, expressed regret that it had taken such a long time to get things going in that important field, especially given the fact that the first such plan was proposed already back in 1994 but never came to fruition. However, in recent years the overall mindset and expectations among citizens and authorities have progressed significantly in the understanding of the urban space as a healthy space and now it is time to act accordingly.

The Plan will look into various solutions for improving the urban environment, such as the creation of a municipal green office, the planting and replanting of trees and the creation of a mosaic of green spaces, including the creation of rooftop gardens and urban agriculture. The overall idea is to inculcate a new attitude towards green spaces in Valencia, which will mean promoting them as places for a multitude of activities – all of which, beneficial to physical and mental health.

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