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Bicycle facilities in Oberursel to enhance the environment for cyclists

Bicycle facilities in Oberursel to enhance the environment for cyclists

Funding is provided from the Hesse state programme “City and Country”

The city of Oberursel, in the German state of Hesse, received 58,400 euros for a new bicycle parking facility at the Stierstadt S-Bahn station. The money comes from the federal government's “City and Country” programme, as Economics and Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir announced in Wiesbaden on Tuesday, 18 May 2021.

The covered facility offers space for 56 bikes and also includes two lockable bike boxes. Around 44 million euros will be available in Hesse from the special programme “City and Country” until the end of 2023.

Federal Minister Andreas Scheuer shared his excitement about the project: “I am delighted that our record funds are being used on-site and are therefore being received directly by the citizens. All that remains for them is: get on and drive off. This brings us a little closer to my goal: Germany will become a cycling country!”

Improving conditions for cyclists

The state will contribute a record amount of 1.46 billion euros. Hesse is greatly enhancing the environment for cyclists in both urban and rural areas through a special urban and rural financial aid initiative.

The federal municipalities are supported for example with the construction of cycle paths, cycle path bridges, bicycle parking spaces and bicycle-friendly crossings. Because one thing is clear: the better and safer the bike paths, the greater the desire to get on a bike and ride.

Funding for cycling and walking from the state budget is 70.5 million euros for municipalities. Hesse's transport minister, Al-Wazir, pointed out that the state is also making extensive funds available for cycling. “This will make cycling in Hessen even more attractive. The traffic turnaround, especially in bicycle and pedestrian traffic, takes place on-site. I, therefore, call on the municipalities to seize this opportunity now and take courageous steps."



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