Miguel Ángel Gómez Viar, Transport deputy of Bizkaia, showing the benefits of taking the bike to work, Source: Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Bikes are now the best mode to get around in Bizkaia

Bikes are now the best mode to get around in Bizkaia

Thanks to the extensive network of cycling lanes, locally known as bidegorris

If you are about to venture on a trip that is shorter than 8 kilometres in the Basque province of Bizkaia, your best and most efficient transport choice will likely be the good old bicycle. That transformation in mobility has become possible thanks to the construction of an extensive network of cycling lanes on its territory.

Still, many of the local residents might be unaware of this fact, unsure about its veracity or simply in a need of a gentle nudge in order to ditch the car and start pedalling. That is why the provincial department of Transport and Mobility is launching a campaign to shine the light on this infrastructure and foster some new habits in the process.

The campaign will also see the release of a companion app

Cycling lanes are known as bidegorris, in the Basque language, which is a necessary clarification in order to explain the name of the campaign ‘Bidegorritu Zaitez – Bidegorriate’ (that is, Bidegorrize Yourself). The campaign has also become relevant as a result of the pandemic, with the bicycle being the most sustainable and ecological existing transport model, allowing a person to make an individual journey in which safety distance is maintained with respect to others. In recent months, bicycles have become the fastest growing mode of transport among the population.

"The wide network of bidegorris existing in Bizkaia and the proximity between municipalities makes bicycles the most convenient option when completing distances of less than eight kilometres, replacing other motorized vehicles such as cars or motorcycles", emphasized The Deputy for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Miguel Ángel Gómez Viar.

"In addition, the Bizkaia bus, metro and tram transport network offers an easy combination with the bike for those journeys longer than eight kilometers".

The campaign itself will last for 15 days and the focus will be both offline media, such as local press, radio, Bizkaibus marquees and online channels, such as ads, videos on social networks and banners. What is more, the authorities have announced the release of an app, called Mugi On – a sort of an accessory to the campaign. It will aid micromobility users (bicycles and scooters) with relevant safety information and practical advice.

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