Bilbao gives thumbs up to smarter hotels

Bilbao gives thumbs up to smarter hotels

At least, this is the wish behind the new online conference from the “TurisTech Bilbao” series

The city of Bilbao wants to see wider-reaching digitization of its hospitality sector. With this goal in mind, the municipal website informed about the upcoming online conference organized by the authorities, which will take place on Thursday, 22 April at 9:30 am local time.

The event, called “Digitization in accommodation. Contactless technological solutions: check in, check out”, counts with the participation of Bilbao Ekintza (the local tourism board) and Innolab (a digital business incubator), among other companies, and is part of the “TurisTech Bilbao” programme.

Smart accommodation is more than just a slogan

The conference is specifically targeted at the small and medium operators working in the hospitality industry since it is considered that to promote an encompassing image of Bilbao as a digital, modern and convenient city it is necessary that its visitors can count on having this type of reliable experience no matter where they choose to lodge.

The event will focus on the intersection between technology and security and how these are of benefit for the tourists. The idea is to stress upon and show examples of contactless solutions as these have been applied as part of the security protocols in the accommodation sector.

Participants will get the chance to learn more about the new digital trends in ‘smart accommodation’ and the potential that implanting such technological innovations can hold for one’s business performance.

The main presentation will be on the Smart Hotel project, developed in collaboration with Amadeus. This will be presented by Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz from the Instituto Tecnologico Hotelero, who will talk about how competitiveness can be boosted through digital and sustainability transformations. Other companies from the sector will show examples of the technological solutions which are now present on the market.



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