A visualisation of the new facility in Leipzig , Source: BMW Group

BMW will expand green car plant in Leipzig

BMW will expand green car plant in Leipzig

The city has signed a new lease deal for an area of 12 hectares which will include production facilities and renewable energy generation

Last week, local authorities in Leipzig announced a new contract with BMW to expand their current facilities with a lease on a property of 12 hectares. The car manufacturer’s new facility will set the standard for green production sites. It will also result in a nearly 1 billion-euro investment in jobs and infrastructure for the city.

According to official sources, the company will hire around 1,000 new employees by 2024 and will require increased access to public transport and bikes. Additionally, local authorities in Leipzig will work to create green rings around the production facility to offset some of the emissions generated in the production facility.

E-mobility remains the hallmark of BMW Leipzig

BMW’s plant in Leipzig is one of the most modern and sustainable car manufacturing facilities in the world. With a daily output of around 1,000 vehicles and 5,600 employees, the site manages all of its energy through a purpose-built wind farm on site.

The new facility, meanwhile, is supposed to house a large part of the operational logistics. During the first construction phase, BMW will build a 38,000-square-metre hall complex, scheduled for completion in 2024.

The new site will be energy efficient and will generate its own energy with a photovoltaic system. Additionally, the complex will feature façade greenery, a heat pump and a rainwater recycling plan. At the same time, the company is also considering expanding the production capacity and output of the primary car manufacturing facility.

Leipzig’s Mayor and Alderman for Economy, Labour and Digital Affairs, Clemens Schülke, was quoted in a press statement, explaining that e-mobility will remain one of the hallmarks of BMW’s production site in the city – especially with plans to grow battery production capacities in the new facility.  

Furthermore, he pointed to the company’s sustainability concept for energy produced on-site as one of the defining characteristics of Leipzig’s approach to manufacturing.



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