Everyone who has a Bonn ID card will be eligible for a 19 euro monthly pass for public transport , Source: Depositphotos

Bonn introduces 19-euro monthly public transport pass to continue the 9-euro summer ticket

Bonn introduces 19-euro monthly public transport pass to continue the 9-euro summer ticket

Mayor Katja Dörner explained that the measure is aimed at low-income residents, as a response to rising fuel prices

Yesterday, authorities in Bonn, Germany, announced that they will introduce a monthly pass for public transport in the city for 19 euros. This is a local response to the national 9-euro ticket, a policy introduced at the start of summer allowing people to get a monthly ticket for all public transport, both in cities and across federal state lines.

The 9-euro ticket has been met with a lot of criticism in the Bundestag and it was initially planned as a temporary measure until the end of August. However, due to its popularity, members of parliament are trying to extend the policy, albeit with higher costs, hovering around 29 to 49 euros depending on whether the transport is within a state or across state lines.

Yet, the Federal Government may stall on introducing the measure, due to controversial data and opinions within Germany’s ruling 'traffic-light' coalition.

Bonn authorities, on the other hand, have decided to go ahead and establish their own version of a heavily subsidised public transport ticket. The monthly pass will be available from 1 September to everyone who has a Bonn ID card.

Subsidised urban mobility

According to a statement by the city, this measure is aimed at low-income people as a relief package for the high fuel and energy prices. This is why, in addition to the monthly pass, the city lowered the social ticket for children. Now, people can get a four-person ticket for long distances at just 1.50 euros, while the short-haul ticket costs just 1 euro.

The city estimates that this measure would cost around 783,000 euros, which is definitely not a bank-breaking sum of money, considering the benefits – a city-subsidized public transport and extremely affordable public transport card.

Mayor Katja Dörner was quoted in a press release, explaining: “In this way, we create significant financial relief in terms of mobility costs, making the use of local public transport more attractive for many. However, the better solution would be if the federal government created an immediate, permanent connection solution for the 9-euro ticket to enable mobility for everyone.”



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