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Braga issues its first Sustainability Report

Braga issues its first Sustainability Report

Measuring overall performance by taking into account more than 100 indicators

The Municipality of Braga decided to make its climate action efforts more concrete by releasing its first Sustainability Report. The document shows how the city has performed over the past five years with regard to more than a hundred different indicators.

The report, providing financial and non-financial information, seeks to respond to the challenge of Sustainable Development, presenting a process to identify, measure and disseminate the performance of the Municipality and a basis to guarantee the strategic achievement for the Sustainable Development of Braga. It is a mechanism based on consistent information about the positive and negative impacts of sustainability and a forum to increase the dialogue between Braga citizens and the decision-making centre.

The first grade received was ‘Very Good’

The report is available online for the community to freely consult information on various topics that cover all dimensions of sustainability, such as mobility, social responsibility, decarbonisation and even the practices of purchasing in the municipality. The municipal website reported that the evaluation of the first report has been marked as ‘Very Good’.

The importance of monitoring performance has stimulated us to take on a new purpose, embodied in the presentation of this first Sustainability Report, which is, in itself, a measure of transparency and rigour on the part of the Municipality. By being strategically framed, fully adapted to the territory and commitments for the coming years and containing a common municipal structure that meets the information needs of different interest groups, this document is an accelerator of objectives, with an impact on the whole of society,” stated Ricardo Rio, the Mayor of Braga.

The mayor also informed that his city was in a prestigious group among the 88 best cities in the world in the field of climate change action, having been attributed Class A by the Carbon Disclosure Project.



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