City employees demonstrated the use of bio-crusher for the production of organic fertilizer, Source: Braga Municipality

Braga offers а free bio-shredding service

Braga offers а free bio-shredding service

The city also led awareness-raising actions to show the impressionable youths how circularity is created first-hand

Bio-crushers are machines that can shred organic matter, such as branches and leaves into a mulch. These useful devices were the focus of two awareness-raising campaigns in the Portuguese city of Braga, which aimed to teach young school kids about the possibility of repurposing organic waste. What’s more, the machines are available for citizens to use in their private green areas – free of charge.

The bio-crusher visited two different schools in Braga, back in April, with the aim of contributing to the change in behaviour in the elimination of agricultural, forestry and gardening leftovers by crushing them as an alternative to incinerating them.

Don’t waste organic waste

Burning dead plants is a common way of clearing brush, yet it is also the most inefficient and unsustainable way of disposing of that material. That’s why it was intended to show that technology can be an integral part of the environmental solutions of today.

Shredding tree branches into powder represents an awe-inspiring action for young kids. So much so, that they are always sure to pay attention. However, their parents were present at the demonstration, too, so the educational approach could be said to have reached all age groups.

With this behavioural change, it is intended, on the one hand, to avoid the emission of CO2 during the disposal of organic waste and contribute to the decarbonization of the city. On the other hand, the bio shredders reduce the number of fires caused by the lack of control on incinerations. 

The product resulting from bio-shredding can be reused as a fertilizer, for energy production, or for other uses.

Free bio-shredding service for the citizens

In addition, through an application to EEA Grants, the Municipality obtained funding for the installation of a Municipal Biogrinding Center, open to the public for a month.

The Municipality of Braga makes available, free of charge, through the Parish Councils, bio-shredders so residents can proceed with the destruction of plant waste. This equipment crushes the branches and leaves, reducing them to chips, which can later be incorporated into the soil as a natural fertilizer, reused in composting, covering the soil or for other agricultural and gardening uses.

To have access to this service, the land must be previously cleaned, the organic waste collected and ready to be shredded. Interested parties should contact the parish council to which they belong and inform themselves about the Civil Protection Bio-shredder service of the Municipality of Braga.



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