Bratislava outlines rules and guidelines for the development of public spaces

Bratislava outlines rules and guidelines for the development of public spaces

The Bratislava Manifesto of Public Spaces is meant to give the Slovak capital a clear direction and purpose as it grows and changes

Earlier last week local officials in the Slovak capital of Bratislava came together in support of the city’s Manifesto of Public Spaces. Prior to its adoption, the city lacked a comprehensive concept of how public spaces should be developed and created, but now finally, that has changed.

The point, goals and importance of the planning

The Manifesto is a strategic document that defines the values ​​and principles of public spaces, based on the basic development materials of the city and provides details on how the city plans to devote itself to public spaces. Furthermore, the document is based on 5 main tenets that should be developed and worked on in its public spaces – namely for Bratislava to become a green city, a pedestrian city, a caring city, an attractive city and a clean city.

The manifesto is followed by more specific so-called Principles and standards for achieving such a quality public space. The first published Principles regulate, for example, the method of installing posts, terrace seating, installation of distribution cabinets, placement of benches, rubbish bins and  bicycle stands . 

"Public space is one of the most important parts of a city and how we experience our city together. In order for this space to be really high quality, we need to have defined basic parameters and processes for achieving this quality. In other words, we need to be clear about everything to do with it - an ordinary pillar to protect the sidewalk, up to what paving and where it will be laid, or what the Bratislava bench will look like. This is exactly what the Manual of Public Spaces is, which includes the Manifesto and the Principles and Standards presented today. So far, Bratislava has lacked a comprehensive concept of how public spaces in the city should be developed and created.” said the mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo.

Over the years, the Manifesto and its principles will grow and adapt to changing circumstances and new ones will be added, which would allow for Bratislava to constantly evolve and change in order to match the needs of its inhabitants.



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