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Bratislava’s Karlova Ves greenlights new sports park project

Bratislava’s Karlova Ves greenlights new sports park project

The park will be able to accommodate numerous sports activities and will be complete by the end of next year

Local authorities in Bratislava’s district of Karlova Ves have unveiled plans for their latest project – the construction of a massive park that will be able to accommodate all kinds of sports activities and will contribute to the overall beautification of the urban area.

Working to the benefit of all citizens of Bratislava

The creation of this new multifunctional park on Karloveská Street is spearheaded by the Bratislava Metropolitan Institute (MIB) in cooperation with the Karlova Ves district and the City Hall. Previously, the land had no specific function - the city district of Karlova Ves simply had planned to build a park on the site. Now, these plans are coming to fruition as work on its construction should be completed at some point during 2021. 

The new park will be able to accommodate different kinds of sports activities. The venue itself is outlined by a running track, while inside it one will be able to find a skate park with a grandstand for sitting, cross-fit or parkour area. At its opposite end, there will also be a playground perfect for children.

"We really need to appreciate that even in this difficult period, the capital was able to find funds in its budget to complete this place. Creating full-fledged spaces with quality greenery and versatile use is our duty towards the inhabitants of Bratislava. It will also please as a nice gift to the people of Karlova Ves after a period of considerable difficulties that they had to endure during the reconstruction of the tram line, " stated Dana Čahojová, mayor of the Karlova Ves district. 

The multifunctional park project is one of the projects of the Capital City and the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava for better public spaces, through which the city improves the quality of roads, sidewalks and public spaces for all Bratislava residents throughout the city.



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