Bratislava universities granted millions to develop R&D

Bratislava universities granted millions to develop R&D

The 111-million-euro investment is the biggest of its kind in Slovakia

Two Bratislava-based universities will soon boast a massive budgetary increase, allocated for the development of research and development. The Accord project aims to substantially increase the competitiveness of the universities and place them among the best when it comes to European R&D. The 111 million euros which are being allocated represent the biggest academic investment in the history of Slovakia.

The beneficiaries

The universities in question are Comenius University (UK) and the Slovak University of Technology (STU). Each of the two will be receiving 50% of the total amount of financing over the next four years, with the programme concluding in 2023. 105 million euros are being provided by the European Union, while the rest is coming straight from Slovakia’s state budget.

The final contract for the Accord project was signed by Education Minister Martina Lubyová and the rectors of both universities, Miroslav Fikar (STU) and Marek Števček (UK) earlier last week.

Where will the money go and what are the objectives?

The investment will be used by the universities to significantly improve their material bases – a much-needed stepping stone in order to improve their research and development efforts. They will significantly upgrade and modernize their IT infrastructure and will thus attract more students and experts.

The project also envisions the creation of a high-tech pavilion which will house state-of-the-art modern equipment, laboratories and facilities. Through these developments, Accord will support research activities in the areas of cybersecurity, automatisation, biotechnologies and biomedicine.

One of the main hopes for the Slovak government and the rectors of the universities is that by significantly improving the material base, more people will choose to stay and work in the country. “This project is a good way of keeping qualified people here,” according to Minister Lubyová.



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