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Brda achieves breakthrough in the development of massive spa project

Brda achieves breakthrough in the development of massive spa project

For nearly 20 years local authorities have been trying to get the project off the ground

Located in the western part of the country, neighbouring Italy, Brda is Slovenia’s top wine-producing regions. The municipality’s importance in the wine-making business can not be understated which is why local authorities have been hard at work at leveraging their particular and extraordinary strengths in order to improve in other fields – like for example tourism.

Combining wine and relaxation – the recipe for the perfect holiday

Many locations across Europe have gone on to combine their local agricultural produce with tourism, creating a fantastic blend and attracting many tourists. That’s precisely what the municipality of Brda hoped to quickly achieve some 20 years ago when it first began pushing for the creation of a massive spa resort on its territory.

Yet the idea quickly hit major roadblocks. The zoning process proved to be an absolute nightmare for authorities. The massive amount of paperwork that was required for the process to be finalized scared away many investors over the years and significantly delayed the plans of the municipality.

But the local government of Brda has finally managed to come out on top and has even found a willing partner for the venture – an Italian investment fund that wants to help authorities see the project through.

According to the mayor of Brda Franc Mužič, the local government has not yet acquired the land that it plans to use for the construction of the spa, but the purchase and its price has already been agreed.

When all the kinks are finally worked out, work on the 50-million-euro project will finally be able to begin. According to authorities, the construction of the Brda Spa will not only boost the region’s tourism, but it will also create jobs and opportunities for locals.

The spa itself will be built using traditional local building methods whenever and wherever possible and will be entirely in-sync with nature and the surrounding vineyards. 



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