The project participants from KiTa Bremen am Graben for the fiber optic cable, Source: City Municipality Bremen

Bremen childcare and family centres will be equipped with high-speed internet

Bremen childcare and family centres will be equipped with high-speed internet

The German city launches a new pilot project

On Tuesday, 4 May 2021, Bremen began a pilot project to boost the data connectivity of the city's daycare facilities. The project will begin in five locations and will contribute to the digitization of the facilities. 

Many of the kindergartens in Bremen are currently still equipped with copper cables. The resulting weak data speed causes difficulties in watching films or having video conferences. Overarching projects, such as collaborative work with primary schools, are made more difficult. The limitations of the digital connections are considerable.

Through the pilot project, the operator collects important empirical values ​​that help with the further data connection of all 89 facilities. In addition to civil engineering work, the field test includes laying fibre optic cables in the building and internal cabling.

The measures will be controlled at five pilot locations until the summer of 2021 and carried out in cooperation with Brekom GmbH. The total cost is estimated to be around 210,000 euros.

Improved internet connection will open new opportunities for families to network

A faster fibre optic path and corresponding hardware equipment give employees an improved working basis and open up new opportunities for networking with families. The pilot project is part of the overall concept that KiTa Bremen has planned for several years to improve the data connection of all children's and family centres.

"It took longer than expected, but things are really getting started on the information superhighway. Today we are laying the foundations for expanding the communication channels in our children's and family centres. That means not only for children and families but above all for them Employees a milestone. The aim is to offer early childhood education an optimal digital infrastructure and to enable networking. Due to the difficult times of the pandemic, we are all dependent on changing ways of working," commented the Senator for Children and Education Claudia Bogedan, during a press conference. 



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