Bremen's new podcast Go Global! Bremen Talks

Bremen discusses business and technology with a new podcast

Bremen discusses business and technology with a new podcast

Available in German and English

Bremen, Germany's smallest federal state, is making an international impact with a new podcast called "Go Global! Bremen Business Talks." Starting in April, the Bremen podcast will feature selected guests discussing emerging technology innovations, foreign trade and economic policy, as well as the challenges and opportunities for businesses in the global trade.

The podcast is a partnership between the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, BremenInvest – business development service in Bremen and the Senator for Economy, Labour, and Europe.

"With the podcast, we create visibility in an exciting way. With its strong export-oriented focus, it is particularly important for Bremen to remain accessible to the international economy and skilled workers and to offer a point of contact. Our goal is to generate enthusiasm for the location and to bring Bremen's know-how, technologies and examples of success into the world," said Kristina Vogt, Senator for Economy, Labour and Europe.

To provide up-to-date information on business and technology

The podcast episodes will be available in both German and English, with a new episode airing every two weeks. In addition to Bremen citizens and international experts will have a say. Furthermore, the podcast helps foreign target audiences to get informed and excited about Bremen.

The first episode talked about a satellite manufacturer that is currently expanding its business with digital service offerings and is looking for a broader international connection. The second episode revolved around global logistics and innovative start-ups and the digitization of the logistical industry.

According to research, one out of every three Germans has heard the audio recordings, and the trend is rising. Listeners are often younger citizens devoted to their favourite programme. Podcasts have been an integral aspect of the B2B environment, providing up-to-date and attractive content to decision-makers all over the world.

The Bremen podcast can be streamed on the website or on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or ApplePodcasts.



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