Design plans for Ruller’s Embankment, Source: City of Brno

Brno begins transformation of river embankment to prevent flooding

Brno begins transformation of river embankment to prevent flooding

It will create more space for the Svratka River as well as new opportunities for sports and recreation

On 10 January, the Czech City of Brno began the long-awaited transformation of the Svratka embankment. As part of this transformation, Brno will widen the riverbed to give the Svratka River more space and thereby, prevent flooding. In other words, the project seeks to protect the city and its inhabitants.

Creating new opportunities for recreation 

Although the main aim of the project is to reduce flooding, it is not the only goal; that is, the city wants to create new opportunities for walks, sports, and relaxation in the area. As such, it will create a recreational and leisure zone that will be accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

A map of the planned changes (Source: City of Brno)

To appeal to the area’s residents, the city will add 3 kilometres of paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Taking this further, it will install footbridges over reservoirs, ponds, and wetlands as well as underpasses for cyclists under the bridges at Vídeňská and Renneská.

In addition to installing the necessary infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, the city will plant over 600 new trees in the area. Commenting on the project, the Minister of the Environment Anna Hubáčková explained:

“It is a unique project focused on nature-friendly flood control measures, which has no equivalent in the Czech Republic. This revitalisation, thanks to the widening of the riverbed and also thanks to the quiet zones for the inhabitants of Brno and the living nature, gives space to the green landscape and is a good example of what the elements of blue-green infrastructure should look like in cities.”

It is important to note that the city will carry out the transformation of the embankment based on Ivan Ruller’s designs. As Ruller was a renowned architect who brought many remarkable buildings to Brno, the city’s First Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík notes that the embankment will be named Rullerovo nábřeží (Ruller’s Embankment).

To see the design plans for the future waterfront, view the gallery above.



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