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Brussels allocates 60 million to face the demographic boom

Brussels allocates 60 million to face the demographic boom

The rapid increase in population calls for the expansion of many communal services in the region

The Region of Brussels will be allocating some 60 million euros to help the local communities face the demography boom, announced the regional minister Bernard Clerfayt in a press release. The approved decree envisages providing support to the communal authorities for the 2020-2020 period.

Regional support to the municipalities

There will be more than 1,3 million people residing in Brussels in 2060, point out the authorities. This increase in the population from 1,2 today creates the need for an expansion of the collective services and equipment reserves including crèches, schools, mobility, green spaces, etc.

That is why the Minister for local authorities proposed the project for the support of a number of communal projects related to the demographic boom. The project was approved earlier this week, which makes possible the deployment of 60 million euros over 2020-2022.

“Brussels, like all major urban metropolises, is experiencing the phenomenon of a return to the urban. More and more of us want to live in the city. This demographic boom inevitably leads to new needs in the areas of early childhood, sports and recreational infrastructures and even reasoned densification of housing. While ensuring the autonomy of the Brussels municipalities, I wanted to help them by providing a significant amount to meet the challenges of demographic change and improve the quality of life of Brussels residents” explains Minister Clerfayt.

The projects eligible for funding can be developed in a number of sectors such as housing, early childhood, school offer, sports or cultural infrastructures, reception of the citizen, etc. In this way, the new means can be used to finance a new playground, a nursery or municipal school, to finance a land acquisition project or the renovation of municipal buildings.

The interested municipalities in the Brussels-Capital region should apply before September 30 and will be notified one month later whether they have won.



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