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Bucharest expands its relaxation and wellness centre

Bucharest expands its relaxation and wellness centre

Therme allows more visitors to enjoy spa services in the capital

Bucharest is expanding its relaxation and wellness centre. One of the largest in Europe and known as Therme, it will have a maximum capacity of 2,232 visitors, an increase of over 50%. The project will cost 28 million euros.

The new complex will have a built area of approximately 18,000 square metres and will be constructed on a site of 37,217 square metres that is currently used as a parking lot. The project is scheduled to be completed in two years and construction will begin once the building permit had been granted.

Various treatment and wellness rooms for visitors

The new complex will accommodate 2,000 customers and 232 employees at the same time. The building needs 939 parking spaces and so the existing Therme Bucharest car park will be used.

In the new complex, there will be saunas of various types, massage rooms, special treatment rooms, all grouped in 4 areas with different specifics: Russian Banya area, Water Temple area, Hammam area and Onsen area. There will also be an aquarium with fish, mineral pools, vitamin bar and a restaurant with 300 seats.

Due to the pandemic, the wellness complex was closed on 12 March 2020 and has yet to reopen. In the four years since the thermal complex in northern Bucharest has opened, three million people, or nearly one in every five Romanians, and one million international tourists have visited Therme.

Therme Bucharest is part of the Austrian A-Heat group, specialised in the production of industrial refrigeration equipment. The companies from the A-Heat group received a series of state subsidies from the Romanian government, worth over 27 million euros, both for Therme and for their factory in Sibiu. The Austrian group is additionally involved in real estate activities in Romania.



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