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Businesses in Copenhagen can now apply for financial support

Businesses in Copenhagen can now apply for financial support

The first round of applications will close on 26 May

On 28 April, the City of Copenhagen announced that businesses can now apply to receive financial support for their recovery post-COVID. Thanks to what is know as the “Transfer Case”, the municipality has allocated DKK 10 million (EUR 1,344,800) to help needy businesses.

What is the “Transfer Case”?

According to a press release by the city, the “Transfer Case” is the transferral of money which has been left over from the municipality’s budget from the previous year. In other words, it is the amount which has not been used for municipal initiatives.

Throughout the past year, restaurants, bars, hotels, and many other businesses have suffered tremendously. As a result, the parties have decided to allocate the leftover amount of money to business and tourism.

Mayor Lars Weiss commented on this decision, noting: “Corona has been a tough time for many companies in Copenhagen. That is why we now support activities and initiatives that can push city life back on track – as the city reopens.

I hope that the new pool will help to create some good, much-needed experiences for Copenhageners and at the same time attract guests from outside, so that even more people can enjoy the city.”

Applications are now open

The municipality notes that there will be two rounds of applications for the financial support. As of Wednesday 28 April, the first round has now begun and businesses will be allowed to submit their applications until 26 May.

Following this, the City’s Finance Committee will assess all submissions on 15 June. Then, the second round will begin towards the end of this summer.

In a press release by the municipality, the Mayor of Employment and Integration Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard explains that the city wants to see applications with ideas which “exude commitment” and are centred around boosting tourism.

Those who are interested in applying can do so on the City of Copenhagen’s website.  



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