Illustration of cable cars across the Vltava River, Source: Prague Public Transport Authority (DPP) on Facebook

Cable cars will connect 3 neighbourhoods in Prague

Cable cars will connect 3 neighbourhoods in Prague

They will significantly shorten journeys and offer a beautiful view of the Vltava River

On Friday, the Prague Public Transport Authority (DPP) announced that it is launching a new architectural competition. More specifically, it is searching for ideas for the design of a cableway (3 stations and 5 supporting pillars) that will connect three of the Czech capital's neighbourhoods: Podbaba, Troja, and Bohnice.

A part of the public transport network

The new cable cars will travel a distance of approximately 2.3 kilometres, joining Prague 6 and Prague 8. This means that instead of having to travel for 40 minutes through the city centre, residents and tourists will soon be able to ride a cable car over the Vltava River and significantly shorten their journeys.

In addition to this, the upcoming stations will be integrated with the current tram and bus stops to guarantee more efficient transport solutions. Therefore, the cable cars will become a part of the public transport network, facilitating the commutes of citizens.

Last August, the City Council of Prague approved the plans for the Podbaba – Troja – Bohnice cableway. Subsequently, the DPP conducted consultations with two cable car manufacturers (Doppelmayr and Leitner) to verify the aforementioned plans and estimate the costs of the project. The entire project will now reportedly cost over CZK 2 billion (over EUR 79.2 million).

Modernising the cityscape

In a Facebook post, the DPP shared illustrations of what the cableway and cable cars can look like. The Deputy Mayor of Prague Adam Scheinherr also commented on the images, stressing that they do not illustrate how the future cable cars will truly look but rather how they will function.

The official designs will be revealed in 2022 as the winners of the architectural competition will be chosen and announced at the end of January.

To see the illustrations of the future cable cars and stations, see the gallery above.



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