The Lisbon Metropolitan Area will embark upon public transit integration with Carris Metropolitana

Carris Metropolitana, the integrated bus network of the Lisbon metropolis, is ready to launch

Carris Metropolitana, the integrated bus network of the Lisbon metropolis, is ready to launch

One network for all 18 municipalities comprising the metropolitan area of the Portuguese capital

1 April is set to be the day when the official launch of the Carris Metropolitana bus service network will take place. The ceremony, starting at 4 pm at Pátio da Galé, will be presided over by Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who will mark the official start of the integrated public transit service which will transport residents of all the 18 municipalities comprising Greater Lisbon.

The ceremony will also include a small fashion show to present the Carris Metropolitana uniforms, designed by Nuno Gama, and an exhibition of new buses with the logo of Carris Metropolitana.

The actual bus services, however, according to the company’s website, are planned to begin in July.

What will be the benefits for the people of Lisbon?

Carris Metropolitana continues an unparalleled revolution in mobility in the Lisbon metropolitan region, with the aim to promote quality of life and change the mobility preferences in favour of public transport and sustainable mobility.

The investment of around 1.2 billion euros carried out with the Carris Metropolitana operation will increase the road transport service by around 35%, which will translate into more routes, more modern and efficient buses and environmentally more sustainable and higher quality in the service provided.

The bus service network, designed by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area together with the 18 municipalities, will comprise about 820 road lines, which will serve approximately 2.8 million potential users, with the service now belonging to a single and integrated brand.

The improvements to be implemented will also take into account technological integration and a planning and adjustment of the service to existing needs. Furthermore, the promotion of punctuality, regularity, system reliability and greater simplification of the networks and services will be provided.

Environmental sustainability will be promoted through the renewal of the fleet, with a reduction in the average age of buses from 15 years to less than one year! Another upgrade is the inclusion of a quota of non-polluting and energy-efficient vehicles, equipped with eco-driving measures.



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