The different side of remote working, as envisioned by Cascais , Source: Cascais Tourism Association

Cascais aims to charm digital nomads with workation

Cascais aims to charm digital nomads with workation

European destinations are waking up to the reality of a whole new category of visitors

Attracting digital nomads to spend some of their time in your corner of the world is becoming an increasingly trendy way of boosting tourism appeal in new directions. This is especially visible among southern European towns and cities, which would like to take advantage of the new possibilities provided by the increasing numbers of remote workers to boost their economies.

The latest case in point is the Portuguese town of Cascais located on the Atlantic coast. Its Tourism Association has launched a promotional campaign, called “It Works for You”, aimed at capturing this new target market of visitors.

Expanding the concept of teleworking

Cascais is showing the world that teleworking is much more than video calls, mini offices in a division or a monotonous "dress code" every day. The new campaign is about showing the hidden potential of remote work – work that can be combined with leisure and a certain appealing lifestyle.

Through this campaign, Cascais invites all digital nomads looking for an out-of-door destination to enjoy the “magical” conditions for working and a lifestyle that balances work with a constant feeling of vacation, or a workation (work+vacation).

According to the promoters, Cascais is the best place to live a day or a lifetime, a haven of sea and mountains, combining a relaxing environment for creativity and productivity with 30 kilometres of coastline and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. “The Charm of the Atlantic Coast", as it is locally famous, is also known for its delicious cuisine and a fantastic mix of nature, adventure activities and cultural attractions. It is the best place to turn work into daily motivation.

Cascais has received more and more digital nomads and has supported this community to create companies and expand business through the local DNA Cascais agency.



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