Castilla-La Mancha Government will encourage teleworking with more than words

Castilla-La Mancha Government will encourage teleworking with more than words

Half a million euros will go towards stimulating this line of work

Today in Toledo, the Regional Minister of Economy, Patricia Franco, announced that the Castilla-La Mancha Government is introducing a new measure to counteract the harmful effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the labour market. On Tuesday, 29 September it is expected that the Executive Council will adopt a decree for subsidizing the promotion of teleworking in the region. The authorities have allocated some 500 000 euros as an initial aid aimed at the private sector.

Today also saw the start of Toledo’s programme as European Capital of Social Economy

The subsidy is seen as part of a larger package of legislative measures that had been approved by the regional government in the wake of the pandemic to foster the local economy and make it more resistant to the tremors. This package is formally known as the Plan of Extraordinary Measures for Economic Recovery and it includes 12 other measures that had been implemented earlier this year, 7 of which completely innovative in their nature.

As for teleworking, or remote working, the administration seeks to encourage its development along two axes. The first is the transformation of office jobs into teleworking jobs and the second is for new job positions to be offered and advertised as home office positions.

Minister Franco was also in Toledo today to preside over the opening of the official program of Toledo as the European Capital of Social Economy. This was used as the ideal opportunity to emphasize the importance of the social economy for the city and the region.

The inaugural event consisted of a meeting between different regional and local administrations and representatives from various social economy organizations from all over the country.

In the words of Minister Franco, the regional government is already working on a strategy for the social economy which relies on four levers, namely “sustainability, territorial structuring, internationalization and digitization”.



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