There's plentiful flag-waiving on 11 September in Catalonia, Source: Depositphotos

Catalonia celebrates its national day today

Catalonia celebrates its national day today

Locally known as La Diada, it is a day when Catalans celebrate and affirm their identity

11 September is considered one of the cultural symbols of the Catalan nation and as such the day is celebrated by people with Catalan identity everywhere. Commonly referred to as La Diada Nacional de Catalunya, or simply La Diada, the public festival commemorates the Fall of Barcelona during The Spanish War of Succession on 11 September 1714.

Ironically, back then that meant the loss of the autonomous privileges that the Principality of Catalonia had enjoyed as part of the Spanish Kingdom. That’s why the people of Barcelona supported the Habsburgs during the war. To their dismay, it was the French prince Philip de Bourbon, grandson of Louis XIV, who won the war and went on to establish absolutism in Spain, but not before the brave Catalans put up a strong resistance that resulted in the 14-month Siege of Barcelona.

The celebration recalls Barcelona’s ancient democratic system

What Catalans mark is thus the resistance of their ancestors in their quest to preserve their sovereign rights, even if it was ultimately unsuccessful.

The commemoration traditionally begins by placing flowers at the monument of Rafael Casanova, who was the mayor of Barcelona and the leader of the resistance at that momentous occasion.

The date has been celebrated as a regional holiday since 1886, at a time when there was a newfound resurgence of Catalan national identity and pride.

It is typical to see many patriotic manifestations and cultural events throughout Catalonia on that day with all the cities and towns awash in the red and yellow senyeres flags.

Since 2010, the holiday has also been increasingly used as the regular rallying day for Catalan nationalist organizations and manifestations calling for independence from Spain.



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