Can the Champs-Elysees be transformed in a way that will make it cool for Parisian residents again?, Source: Depositphotos

Champs-Elysées Committee presents plan to "re-enchant" the iconic avenue

Champs-Elysées Committee presents plan to "re-enchant" the iconic avenue

The organization aims to make the street attractive for Parisian residents again

Champs-Elysées is such a famous landmark in Paris that it even has a song dedicated to it. However, in recent years, it’s gradually become more of a tourist trap losing its initial magnetic power that helped it draw many local residents to its sidewalks and businesses.

That’s why, the Champs-Elysées Committee, an organization that promotes the iconic boulevard, unveiled a plan on Monday, which previews spending 250 million euros to “re-enchant” the street with the aim of restoring its former glory by 2030.

What’s the plan?

The plan was presented just a day after a stretch of the Champs-Elysées was turned into a giant picnic space, which attracted lots of interest from the public. The issue with the avenue, however, is not about finding new ways to attract tourists but rather how to make it more attractive for the Parisians themselves. Statistics cited by France24 showed that of all the daily visitors passing through the sidewalks of the avenue, less than 5% were Paris residents.

In essence, over the years, Champs-Elysées has become more of an outdoor shopping mall taken over by fashion brand stores while also becoming increasingly noisy and congested due to the constant traffic on its six lanes.

Well, according to the revamping plan, spanning 150 proposals over 1,800 pages, that the City Council will have to consider, one of the measures will be cutting down the number of said lanes by two in order to make the avenue more pedestrian-friendly and less car-laden. Likewise, the width of cycling lanes will be doubled.

The aim is also to adapt the avenue to global warming by increasing the amount of permeable soil by 120%, planting 160 trees and creating a hectare of meadows and flowerbeds. This also includes the creation of eight “plant lounges” equipped with seating, shade in summer and a fountain. Plus, the organizers have promised that the world’s “most beautiful jogging route” will be created there.

Overall, the plan pledges that it will lower the average temperature on the avenue by seven degrees and turn it into a climate refuge during heatwaves.



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