Citizens band together to improve hospitals in Braga

Citizens band together to improve hospitals in Braga

Locals believe that the hospitals are far too unwelcoming and seek to remedy the issue

Citizens of Braga have had enough with hospital communal spaces being too unwelcoming and off-putting to patients and visitors alike. That’s why the League of Friends of the Hospital of Braga, an umbrella organization, bringing together over 200 smaller entities, managed to secure 45,000 euros in funding for the refurbishment of dining areas and communal rooms in some of Braga’s hospitals.

Thanks to the funding, a total of 15 rooms will be refurbished and upgraded to better respond to the expectations and hopes of patients in the healthcare facilities. This effort is just the latest in a series, all making up different parts of the “A Nossa Sala” initiative, spearheaded by the League of Friends of the Hospital of Braga.

Securing funding for a community-approved project

According to the leaders of the campaign, each room will need between 2,500 and 3,000 euros in order for proper work to be done. Organizers successfully gathered the funds needed for the refurbishment efforts by hosting a charity dinner. Over 150 people registered and paid the necessary entry fee, which went directly towards the fund for the refurbishment of the rooms. Businesses in the city also chimed in and helped the organization reach its crowdfunding goals.

“We listened to Braga's civil society to see if people were sensitive to this need. It was very easy to secure the funds” stated Felisbela Lopes, the president of the League of Friends of the Hospital of Braga.

When work is complete, the rooms will boast areas perfect for relaxation and socializing – in general, the goal is to make them more homely and welcoming to patients and their visitors.

An important detail of the project is that the rooms will be upgraded according to the specific needs of the medical institution.  For example, dining and social rooms in oncology units will be specifically tailored to the needs of the patients who are housed there.



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