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Cleaning Sundays aim to keep Athens spotless and healthy

Cleaning Sundays aim to keep Athens spotless and healthy

The latest of these large-scale initiatives took aim at the city’s most densely populated district

In one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of the city, Kypseli, the first large Sunday cleaning and disinfection operation of the Municipality of Athens for 2021 took place.

Cleaning Sundays started in January 2020 and changed the way Athens is cleaned as a whole. Every Sunday, apart from the daily work of the cleaning, green and electric lighting services of the Municipality of Athens, entire areas of Municipal Communities are washed and scanned from end to end - with all the available human and technical potential on the roads and with new equipment.

A comprehensive strategy for a cleaner and healthier Athens

With perseverance and greater intensity, the Municipality of Athens continues in the strategic choice of major cleaning interventions in 2021, to improve the daily lives of all, especially during this difficult period of the pandemic. 

The employees of the Cleaning and Recycling Department, using about 20 detergents, sweepers and aquifers, started early in the morning to "scan" all the busy areas of Kypseli. The large water sweeping operation spread throughout the neighbourhood, with the people of the Municipality thoroughly cleaning, washing and disinfecting streets, sidewalks, trash can bases, and other places.

"Cleaning Sundays were instituted for the first time in Athens and showed us the way. The city needed washing, it needed total interventions, not fragmentary ones. We had to get into a different culture of caring for every corner of it and we do. These businesses became a habit for the city. They became one with its daily life and that is why, not only will they continue in 2021 but we strengthen and expand them because only in this way does Athens clean itself up" said the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoiannis, on the occasion of the first big clean-up of the new year.

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